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  • Face Recognition Thermometer
  • Face Recognition Thermometer
  • Face Recognition Thermometer
  • Face Recognition Thermometer
  • Face Recognition Thermometer
  • Face Recognition Thermometer
Face Recognition ThermometerFace Recognition ThermometerFace Recognition ThermometerFace Recognition ThermometerFace Recognition ThermometerFace Recognition Thermometer

Face Recognition Thermometer

  • Real-time temperature measurement
  • 7 inch
  • Offline dynamic portrait recognition
  • Mask identification
  • Product description: Face Recognition Thermometer

Product Overview

Ø Embedded AI algorithm, which integrates image acquisition, face detection, face tracking, face alignment and in vivo detection;

Ø Real-time temperature measurement, laser temperature correction, abnormal body temperature alarm, support mask detection;

Ø Support external equipment such as Wegan, switch-and-switch linkage alarm, gate, access control, etc.

Ø recognition speed ≤80 ms, recognition rate ≥99%;

Ø Dynamic offline face alignment without computer or cloud;

Ø Support black and white lists and alarm output;

Ø Support interim list control;

Ø Support rich network protocols;

Ø Supporting Onvif agreements;

Ø Support for secondary development, SDK. available



Basic parameters


Hi3516DV300 Hayes

Display screen

7 inch IPS HD screen, resolution 800*1280


SONY Starvis 1/2.8" line-by-line scanning CMOS

Minimum illumination

0.01 Lux@(F1.2, AGCON)


1/80 to 1/100 seconds

Lens interface

Double 6 mm fixed lens

Day and night parameters


Wide dynamic


Digital noise reduction

Automatic regulation

Coding standards

Video Standards


Code Rate

1024Kbps~4 Mbps


Video size


Secondary code stream

Support ,1280(H)*720(V),640(H)*360(V)

Video Settings

Exposure (shutter), gain, contrast, saturation, brightness

adjustable, face exposure compensation

Video overlay

Duration, LOGO, temperature, temperature measurement distance

Backlight compensation


Capture function

Image Format

JPEG coding

Capture results

Panorama, local close-up (comparison success, unmatched,

alignment failure, composite picture)

Image Size

1920*1080(Panorama); local close-up based on

Intelligent functions

Identification pattern

Offline dynamic portrait recognition

Identification content

Figure, gender, age, mask identification

In vivo testing


Portrait gallery

Support up to 5 W

Recognition rate


Identification speed

≤80 ms

Identification distance

0.3-3.0 m (need to be further or closer to replace lens


The portrait gallery

Single picture, batch picture, real-time capture picture import

Portrait storage

Feature map: single machine support 100,000 sheets; panoramic +

feature map: single machine support 30,000 sheets

Management type

Blacklist, white list

Output mode

Wigan 26/34/66, relays

Secondary development

Support for multi-platform, multi-language

Network functions

Support agreements

ONVIF,TCP/IP,HTTP,DNS,NTP,FTP, serial communication protocol,

Wegan protocol, site real name system

Storage functions

Built-in 32 GB EMMC

Universal functionality

Heartbeat, password protection, NTP school hours


Communication interface

1 RJ45 10M/10 0 M Adaptive Ethernet ports

Auxiliary Communications

One RS-485,1 USB2.0

Switch output


Vergen Protocol


Body temperature test


+-0.3 degrees Celsius

Voice broadcast

Support for abnormal body temperature alarm

Detection distance

0.3 M-1M (around 0.5 M recommended)

Temperature calibration

Laser sensor calibration

Working environment

Power supply

DC 12V 2A

Power consumption

≤8 W

Working temperature




Contact: Blue

Phone: +86 13418646471

Tel: +86 13418646471


Whatsapp: +8613418646471

Add: Room C813, Block A, Jiahe Huaqiang Building, Shennan Middle Road NO. 3006 Futian

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