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The reason and control method of ball mill noise

1. Noise source and influencing factors of ball mill:

(1) the ball mill level noise is related to the diameter and speed of the ball mill as well as the nature and lumpiness of the material.

(2) the noise of the ball mill is basically steady-state noise with a wide frequency band and very high sound energy of low, medium and high frequency components. The larger the diameter of the ball mill, the stronger the low frequency component.

(3) the noise of the ball mill is mainly the mechanical noise caused by the collision between the metal balls in the drum, the lining plate of the drum and the processed materials.The sound of the ball mill radiates outward along the lining plate, barrel wall and inlet and outlet of the material. The sound of the ball mill includes: the impact sound between the steel ball and the steel ball, the impact sound between the steel ball and the inner lining steel plate, the sound of the material and the friction sound.Noise caused by vibration of ball mill driving mechanism (reduction gear box and motor) when other equipment is running.

2. The following measures can be adopted for noise control of ball mill:

(1) add sound insulation cover.Steel structure frame is adopted, and the ball mill is made of thin steel plate as the shell. The entire ball mill is sealed with an inner damping layer and filled with ultra-fine glass wool or other sound absorbing materials.Because the ball mill produces a lot of heat when running, the ball mill must pay attention to solve the heat dissipation in the cover and convenient equipment maintenance and so on.

(2) set elastic layer.In order to prevent the overheat of the soft rubber pad, the industrial felt with a thickness of 10-15mm should be placed between the inner surface of the roller and the liner of the ball mill. The ball mill can reduce the noise of the ball mill below the allowable standard.

(3) rubber liner is used instead of manganese steel liner in the ball mill, the noise level can be reduced by 9dB(A), and the frequency spectrum characteristics of the ball mill also change from high frequency to low frequency.

(4) ball mill design sound insulation room.When conditions permit, the ball mill shall be concentrated in a special ball mill room, and the ball mill room shall be transformed into a special sound insulation room. The effect will be better than the sound insulation cover, but attention shall be paid to solving the monitoring, indoor heat dissipation and maintenance problems in the operation of the ball mill.

(5) wrap the sound insulation layer outside the drum wall.Wrap A layer of 50mm thick industrial felt around the drum wall of the ball mill, use 1.5mm thick steel plate as the protective surface, and fix it on the drum wall with bolts. The actual sound insulation value is about 12dB(A).If both ends of the drum also do the same treatment, the drum wall does a good job sealing the seam, sound insulation effect may also improve.


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