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Influence of ball mill structure on grinding efficiency

The grinding efficiency of a ball mill is affected by many factors, but one thing you may not know is that the structure of the ball mill also affects the grinding efficiency.This paper will discusses this problem from four aspects: barrel length, diameter, ball mill speed and lining plate.

The function of the ball mill is subordinate to the length, diameter, size and speed of the ball mill. At the same time, the diameter of the ball mill also determines the size of the ball, and the diameter of the ball mill is related to the maximum strength of the grinding material.

Length: if the length of the ball mill increases, the output of fine products also increases, but also increases the consumption of power, for the newly added fine products may need to consume more electricity.The experiment proved that the length of the ball mill should be increased in order to obtain fine products, but if it is excessively increased, the output will be reduced.

The relationship between diameter and length: the ratio of diameter to length of overflow type ball mill is 0.5-0.8, the ratio of diameter to length of short barrel grate mill is 1-1.3, and the ratio of maximum diameter to length of long barrel grate mill is about 0.75.Since the processing capacity of ball mill is proportional to the diameter, the manufacturers of ball mill tend to increase the diameter.The added diameter is equal to or greater than the length of the ball mill, and the larger diameter of the short cylindrical ball mill can avoid overgrinding and obtain coarser products.

Speed: the critical speed of each type of ball mill increases with the increase in wear of the liner.For small ball mills, the thickness of the lining plate is slightly greater than the mill radius, so the critical velocity increase rate is 6%.Large ball mill, because the ball mill diameter is also large, its lining wear is small, so its critical speed increase of 2%.Therefore, the critical speed of the ball mill is closely related to the average working diameter of the ball mill, that is, the average wearing diameter of the liner.

Liner: liner affects the work of a ball mill mainly by friction on the ball.Smooth liner on the ball friction, not smooth liner may reduce some degree of friction, loaded more than the ball less, by less friction.


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